This is apropos a news item titled, Traffic system losing efficacy that has caused a massive disappointment among the traffic wardens of Punjab. One day we get a letter by the Additional Inspector General of Traffic Police Punjab saying A proposal regarding recruitment of fresh constables for traffic police is being formulated. It is suggested that fresh constables be recruited for traffic and the same posted in the five big cities for manual traffic control and regulation and a specified number of TWs be withdrawn from these cities to be distributed in the remaining districts of the province. Then, the next day, we hear the news that the Punjab government is going to wind up this system altogether. It is said if you want to know about the discipline in the people of a country, just take a look at the traffic on the roads. Seen in this perspective, the Pakistani nation is probably the most undisciplined in the world. Realizing this fact, the Pervez Elahi government had introduced a novel change in the department of traffic police and introduced the system of traffic wardens in five major districts, (Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad and Gujranwala) of Punjab. As the system was created in haste, the institution of City Traffic Police Punjab is about to step into the fourth year of its making but a proper organizational structure has not been formed as yet. The home ministry of Punjab is still dithering over what steps should be taken to develop this system. This system was established to bring young, energetic and educated persons in traffic police so that the bad image of police could be rejuvenated. The public is our chief witness that we have taken out the traffic police from the old rut of corruption and bribery. But unfortunately this system is lumped with Punjab Police and doesnt have any separate structure. This factor is the major obstacle in development of this institution. The traffic wardens and senior traffic wardens (STWs) are in the same sky-blue uniform but their higher officers wear the traditional Punjab Police uniform. This suggests that the wardens system is limited to STWs. The system should have been created on the pattern of Islamabad Traffic Police and National Highways & Motorway Police. -NABEEL ANWAR. Rawalpindi, February 11