The Governor Punjab has justified kite-flying saying in the absence of any other entertainment for the masses, kite-flying provides the best respite to our frustrated people. It is, indeed, heartening to learn that he knows people are suffering from utmost frustration due to abysmally poor governance in the country. Bomb blasts are ubiquitous these days so the rooftops just might be the safest of places for the people. If, worst comes to worst, anyone falls from the housetop, the damage would be likely very little compared to the casualties caused by a bomb blast. So wouldnt it be worthwhile to open lawns of the Governors House to the public so that Jiyalas and Manchalas can fly kites from there? Also, I suggest, like the Benazir Income Support Scheme, the Governor should launch a BKS nowthe Benazir Kite-flying Scheme. Under this scheme, the Jiyalas should be provided handsome amounts to buy kites and the doar and have fun, at government expense. I am sure this scheme would be more popular than any other scheme of the present government. And, it would be another 'feather in the cap of Governor Punjab. -DR AHMAD RAZA Lahore, February 12