KARACHI (APP) - Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) on Friday asked Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) to extend the date of opening of two sugar tenders, due on February 13 and 15 till February 17, 2000 and merge them into one tender of 200,000 metric tons. According to a TCP official, the tender, due on February 13, has a quantity of 150,000 MT while another tender, which was due on February 15 has a supply quantity of 50,000 MT. The CCP has also asked TCP to amend these tenders, particularly its condition in clause 15(a) of the terms and conditions. After the amendment, clause 15(a) says the first shipment of at least 12,500 MT 5 percent MOLSO within three weeks (excluding voyage time) from the date of opening of L/C and subsequent shipments within the period of the contract and in a manner so as to ensure no less than the minimum shipment i.e 12,500 MT 5 percent MOLSO on average per week. The terms and conditions of the tenders will be amended to allow containerized shipment as an open option on established international terms and conditions. TCP will allow transshipment in case of containerized shipment. IT may be noted that CCP had issued a notice of public hearing in Islamabad in the matters of tenders for import of sugar by TCP on February 12, 2010 to verify whether TCP has failed to provide a level playing field and equal opportunities to suppliers and parties of all origins for the import of 500,000 MT of white sugar. Chairman TCP, GM Imports and GM Law of TCP also attended the hearing.