Global warming has become one of the major issues for the world. To the utter disappointment of the world, the much awaited conference at Copenhagen was a failure. The developed countries were not ready to cut down their emissions as they are in the crucial phase of recovery from the great recession. Most of the developing countries lie in the category of low emitters. But these countries are also threatened equally by global warming. The need of the hour is to develop renewable energy sources to counter these threats. Germany has taken many a steps forward in this regard and is fulfilling the terms of Kyoto protocol. It is worth noting that even if we stop emissions now, the effect of greenhouse gases would not be eradicated, or not felt to be so till the year 2100. The effects of global warming include rise in sea levels, hurricanes, ozone layer depletion, change in agricultural yields disease vectors, extinction of various species etc. Devastating as they are at a glance, even more depressing is the realization that the world powers are not ready to compromise on account of it in their drive for economic growth. Do you know 2005 was the warmest year after 1800? Despite conflicts of all kinds between the countries it is an issue on which the comity of nations can unite. One hopes against hope that proper attention would be given on this issue by all countries of the world. -UMAR MAHBOOB, Lahore, February 12