GORDON Brown welled up with tears in a TV interview as he described the moment his baby daughter Jennifer Jane died in his arms. He admitted he lost interest in life for a time after she died. In the most personal interview he has ever given, the Prime Minister talked about his 'modern love story with his wife Sarah and the way they coped with the loss of their first child after just 11 days in January 2002. Speaking only weeks before the country decides his future at the polls, he told Piers Morgan: 'This is the happiest time of your life and then suddenly it becomes the most grief-stricken time of your life. 'It was such a pendulum swing. I couldnt listen to music. I really wasnt much interested in anything for a while. 'She would be nine this year and you think all the time of the first steps and the first words and the first time you go to school and its just not been there. The interview ranged from Mr Browns tears to his tantrums, as he denied claims - repeated in a new book by former Downing Street spin doctor Lance Price - that he regularly loses his temper with staff. ThePM confessed to downing six pints a night as a student and living in such messy digs that police thought his flat had been ransacked after a break-in, when it was actually just as he had left it. He revealed that the loss of an eye in a schoolboy rugby accident was 'more of a decisive moment for me than anything I did when I was a kid. He has not driven a car since he was 21 as a result. DM Mr Brown said that when Jennifer Jane was born in December 2001, seven weeks prematurely, he and Sarah were initially hopeful and doctors kept from them the possibility that she might die. He said: 'It just gradually dawned on us that something was going wrong and she wasnt getting bigger. 'I could hold her hand and I could feel that she knew I was there and, and there was nothing that you could see that was, that was actually wrong but she just wasnt growing. DM