ISLAMABAD - Secretary General Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid), Mushahid Hussain Sayed, has said that nuclear deal between India and US back in 2005 was a 'counter weightage measure by India to confront China. He was speaking at a seminar organised here by Pakistan-China Institute on Friday. He highlighted the different aspects of longstanding friendship between Pakistan and China and urged to strengthen mutual relations between both the states with mandatory focus on regional cooperation. Taking India on a tougher note, Mushahid said that India was a large country with a small heart. He categorically slammed the dominance of orthodox elements in Indian political fibre that reflected extremist tendencies and intolerance when it came to freedom of speech and expression. The core issue is not anything else but Indias small heart Here in Pakistan, we can praise Nehru and Gandhi without facing any threats, resistance or opposition but if Jaswant praises our Quaid, he loses his job, if Advani does so, he loses his job, they must have a heart to accept something even if they dont like it, he said while lightening the dark aspects of 'pluralist Indian society and political fibre of India, a country that never helps preaching and praising its secularism but shows zero tolerance towards Pakistan. Replying to a query, Mushahid said that there was no comparison between India and China, saying, Apples cannot be compared with oranges. Former Secretary Riaz Khokhar did not lag behind his co-speaker and went to state that India was far behind China as far as its economic and military strength were concerned. Theres no comparison between India and Hong Kong, let alone China he said. Answering a question, Riaz said technically China was party to Kashmir, as per an agreement that took place in 1963, but generally China doesnt interfere in the affairs of other states. Commenting on Indian presence in Afghanistan, Riaz termed the Indo-US nexus as 'strategic nutcracker and urged Pakistan to respond promptly to Indian designs. If India wants friendly relations with Afghanistan and seeks economic prospects, its understandable, every country wants friendly relation with other states but its military presence and aggressive designs are not justified at all, India must mend its fences, he added.