After a long, dry spell, heavy rain showers have finally poured in various parts of the country. The WASA claims that the water level in Rawal dam has increased from 17,444 to 19.020 acres feet. In addition to this, the water level in Khanpur dam is also above 1918 acres feet. That means the threat of water shortage in these dams is over for another 150 days. More rains are expected and every burst of showers would brighten the outlook for us but it is important to utilize this hiatus to prepare for a future water crisis. Recently, the U.S. Ambassador for the AFPAK region, Richard Holbrooke, had announced a contribution of Rs. 1.4 billion for improving the capacity of Tarbela dam and the hydroelectric plant installed there. This goal should be achieved in quick time to save Pakistan from a water crisis in future. -AMNA ZAMAN, Lahore, February 12