The news that the only womens college in Orakzai has been bombed down destroying not only the six roomed building and a lab, but also completely smashed the prospects of progress the young girls had ever dreamed of. It is also significant to note that a total of seventy two schools have been blown to smithereens in the Orakzai Agency at various instances, thus affecting well over 18,000 students. This is a matter of grave concern for the entire nation as the standard of education is dwindling dangerously and the added incidents that stall the educational pursuits of eager students, who without the ray of knowledge may become prospective fodder for the militant organizations, adds to the collective misery of the masses. Militants have claimed that the attacks they orchestrate are always directed against the US for conducting drone strikes in the tribal region and against the Pakistani state for its support for the US war against terror. But how does the innocent youth and the educational institutions fit into the larger war scenario? Is a reactionary attack on educational institutes a justified response against the drone strikes? Is it helping them achieve their objectives? Does blowing up schools and colleges bear any significance on the US strike rate? It has in fact reversed the situation. The rationale behind attacks on schools has to be analyzed to expose the true objectives of these criminals. It has to be found if it is actually drone strikes that they are denouncing or is it serving as a shield to disguise much uglier intensions and ulterior motives? DR. SAFA RAHMAN, Islamabad, February 12.