ICC has done the right thing by banning three Pakistan cricketers. This will help in curbing the match fixing trend most importantly in Pakistan where players will think thousand times before committing any wrong act. In mid 90s an Indian bookmaker had given money to Australian cricketers Mark Waugh and Shane Warne for providing information about the pitch and weather information. This is also somehow spot fixing. But ICC didnt impose any ban or fine on Mark Waugh and Shane Warne. It was Australian Board itself that fined them with $10000 and $8000. I have no sympathy for spot fixers but I am surprised that why ICC has not imposed heavy ban on these two Australian cricketers. Many people will agree with me when I will say that ICC has also failed in stopping match fixing. It will be good idea if ICC announces to engage some under cover people who will act as spies in the garb of bookies. This will help them in catching the players red handed and will also restrain players from contacting these kinds of bookies. MUBASHIR MAHMOOD, Karachi, February 7.