LAHORE Supreme Court Bar Association President Asma Jahangir said here on Saturday that rhetoric cannot beget true democracy, which is based on firm principles aimed at enhancing peoples economic condition and ensuring them social and political rights. As to ours, the deficiencies in the democratic transition are quite apparent, she said while presenting her welcome address to the participants of the national seminar on the subject of Dispensation of Justice: Challenges Ahead, by the SCBA. Asma said no success was possible without robust legislatures, efficient and honest bureaucracy, including the law-enforcement agencies. We have been experiencing rising acts of terrorism and violations of human rights by the State, and increasing crime. She add: Another challenge before the nation is, how to draw a line between the right of the accused and that of the victim? The accused needs to be given due process and the victims access to mechanisms that are capable of an independent investigation and impartiality while dispensing the justice. In the long run, she said, crime cannot be controlled through oppressive means by the State. She also expressed her concern at incidents of torture, extra-judicial killings, and involuntary disappearance of the citizens. How could these human rights violations be redressed? she questioned. As to public interest litigation, Asma said it must follow some guidelines so that it does not appear to be selective or addressing only a certain point of view. In addition, the judges must take care to maintain the credibility of PIL by not overstepping their jurisdiction and by ensuring that their orders in cases of PIL can be, and are, effectively enforced. She acknowledged the backlog of cases and stressed the need for addressing it seriously. But in this regard, she said, violation of certain fundamental procedures of the legal system should not take place. She said like judges, the legal fraternity should also not be above accountability. Pakistan Bar Council Vice Chairman Abdul Latif Khan Afridi in his address highlighted the situation in FATA where he said the Taliban were calling the shots grossly violating the rights of the people. He said it was simply for reason FATA was yet not subject to the constitution, and never any serious efforts was made over the last 63 to extend the role of state institutions to that part. There is no judicial or legal system in FATA, what to speak of fundamental rights of the masses there. He said FATA is in the grip of Taliban and the 'draconian FCR and the political agents have become irrelevant as such. He said the FATA people cry of justice, education and facilities to have economic development and the system there would never change unless they are ensured. He said it was high time that political parties take notice of the prevailing critical situation in FATA and take immediate measures to address the same.