Although a bit late, former military dictator Pervez Musharraf has finally been charged with Benazir Bhuttos murder along with five others standing trial in an anti-terrorism court. The court has issued the non-bailable arrest warrant against 67-year-old Musharraf, presently living in self exile in Britain, with a purpose to bring him back. The FIA had earlier this week named Musharraf as an accused and declared him "absconder" for failing to cooperate in the probe into the assassination by refusing to provide answers to a questionaire. The detailed charge-sheet clearly says that there was a conspiracy behind the murder, as is evident from the media reports. It further alleged that Musharraf provided slain Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Baitullah Mehsud with the opportunity to carry out a suicide attack by failing to provide her adequate security. It may also be recalled that soon after her procession was attacked with a bomb blast in Karsaaz area of Karachi, Benazir wrote a letter and sent an e-mail in which she stated that if she was subsequently assassinated, Musharraf would be responsible. She mentioned three other names also. The FIA investigation team is of the view that two top police officials, considered at that time as close associates of Musharraf were acting on his orders. In another development, then Interior Secretary Ijaz Shah and head of Disaster Management Cell Javed Akhtar Cheema have become aprovers and provided information that led to including Musharrafs name among the killers. Both of them have accepted that there was a serious security lapse that helped the assassins to hit their target. Musharraf, who untill recently had been claiming that there was no case against him in Pakistan and that he could return at any time, must be spending sleepless nights. He is fully aware that the situation back home has changed since he is no longer a serving general. Authorities should ensure that he is brought back to stand trial. Once in the dock, he may reveal a few things that will send ripples to certain quarters. For Musharraf it would be an opportunity to clear his name if he is not involved in Benazirs murder.