When rulers think that they are indispensable and feel themselves part of country, by doing so they themselves put the first brick of revolution. Hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered for a huge rally on what they called "Farewell Friday" and after 18 days achieved their goal. Hoseni Mubarik has given power to Army and moved to Sharm-el-Shaikh. A revolution brought by common masses standing against the autocratic rule of Mubarik for the past thirty plus years is pleasing. However, as has been the dilemma of developing countries, the outgoing dictator has relinquished power to Army. The recent episode of bringing down dictators has proved that unjust governments cannot be tolerated anymore. People are standing up for their rights and achieving their goals without going violent. That dictatorships are being replaced with democracy is a positive sign for people and countries. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, February 12.