AMONG the common jokes circulating in Egypt nowadays is that the youth are heading to the Soor Elazbakeya and Faggala bookshops areas to purchase the 'foreign agendas which the media outlets and the government officials keep talking about. These agendas feature numerous pages according to those who warn against them, since the foreign powers wish to dismantle the Arab region into small sectarian components which would easily be led toward infighting. These foreign powers also want on another page to impose policies going against the interests of the Arab populations. In order to explain this phenomenon, it is said that the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings are the second stage of what was witnessed in Iraq in terms of foreign invasion, and that Yemen is a middle-ground condition in which the 'agendaists (those carrying agendas) tried to topple the rule by force through the Houthis in the North and Al-Qaeda and the secessionists in the South, before moving to the demonstrations approach following the victory of President Ali Abdullah Salehs rule in the war over the Houthis. They are thus saying that the plan will proceed and move to other Arab countries which constitute the Arab regime that is the backbone of stability and moderation in the region. As for the last goal of these agendas, it has not yet been agreed on. Consequently, there is talk about the fact that it will guarantee the expansion of the Persian imperial project to lead the region into the hands of Shiization and the governance of Wileyat e-Faqih. On the other hand, some assure that the goal behind the mobilisation of the Arab street is the tightening of the siege around the regions capabilities, and the imposition of a peaceful solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict, in favour of Benjamin Netanyahus government. Among the oddities affecting these 'agendas is that they are subject to ridicule as long as their content is limited to the moderate Arab countries. Indeed, based on this viewpoint, the current incidents are due to the tyranny exercised by pro-Western regimes that wasted their countries capabilities on the altar of the alliance with Israel and America. However, as soon as ideas emerge regarding similar events in Syria or regarding the contradiction of the Iranian position which is officially supporting the Arab demonstrations and practically preventing any demonstrations in solidarity with Egypts and Tunisias youth not to mention the bloody oppression that was seen following the Iranian presidential elections in June 2009 all hell breaks loose with talk about the Zionist targeting of Syrias and Irans steadfastness against the conspiracies. In the latter two countries, there is no 'domestic scene. There is only steadfastness and deterrence against 'the outside which is a wicked conspirator. As for the signs that surfaced in the last few days regarding the attempts to alleviate the security restraints on society, they serve a policy that was launched years ago by an authority that encircles the needs of its people like a ring encircles the finger, as it is described by the knowledgeable. In this context, the disregarding of the Tunisian model in the talk about foreign agendas is not to be neglected. This is due to the fact that the foreign motives behind the Tunisian uprising are almost fully non-existent, which does not serve the requirements of the foreign and cosmic conspiracy theory. Therefore, if someone were to try to count the number of authors of foreign agendas, one would find that the United States, Israel, Iran and several Arab countries that have highly explosive satellite channels, are all standing together against the official Arab regime. In todays world, it would be better for the Arab citizens not to be naive and ignore the concrete facts of international politics, where interests and power come ahead of anything else in drawing a general scene governed by wolves. On the other hand, it would be even better to look at the Arab domestic situations and seek their handling before any talk about foreign agendas that are definitely not to be found in Soor Elazbakeya. Alhayat