KARACHI (APP) - Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) has approved a revised list of 51 margin eligible securities acceptable by the Exchange and based on eligibility criteria of SECP for all markets. According to KSE, the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has accorded approval to this revised list, effective from March 14, 2011 as per regulations governing risk management of the exchange. KSE has advised members to replace their securities deposited with the Exchange which are not included in revised list before March 14, 2011. These are ABL, AHC, AHL, ACPL, AICL, ASBL, Amtex Ltd, ANL, APL, ATRL, BAFL, BAHL, BOP, BYCO, CPL, DGKhan, ECCL, EPL, FABL, FCCL, FFBL, FFC, GGL, HBL, HUBCO, ICI, JSCL, KAPCO, Lucky Cement, MCB, MTL, NBP, NCL, NML, NPL, NRL, NTL, OGDC, PEL, PRIL, POL, PPL, PSO, PTCL, SNGPL, SPL, SSGC, Thal, TCL, TRG and UBL. KSE has also issued the list of 16 banks whose bank's guarantees will be acceptable by the Exchange. These are ABL, AKBL, BAFL, BAHL, BIPL, BOK, HBL, HMBL, JSBL, KASB, MCB, MYBK, NIB, SMBL, SNBL and UBL. The maximum amount for bank guarantee from the banks ranging from Rs 400 million to Rs 1 billion per member per bank will be acceptable on the basis of its ranking.