LAHORE Governor Sardar Latif Khosa on Saturday blamed the former Army dictators for all the societys disturbed values and the peoples sufferings stemming from the prevailing terror, unrest and unemployment. The time has come we think whether we have attained the Pakistan which the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had dreamt for, Khosa asked. Addressing the concluding day of the 3rd annual Nazria Pakistan Conference, as a chief guest, held at Aiwane Karkunan Tehrike Pakistan, the Governor discarded any possibility of Pakistan bowing to the US on the Raymond Davis issue. TheNation Editor-in-Chief and Nazria Pakistan Trust Chairman Majid Nizami presided over the conference. We are still far away from the concept of a modern-Islamic-democratic-welfare state envisaged by the Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, Mr Khosa said. Thanking the NPT chairman, he said it was matter of proud for him that he was addressing such a national gathering. He said that Almighty Allah had gifted us a great leader in the Quaid-e-Azam to secure freedom from Hindus and the British. This conference reminded us the days when the great leader was struggling for freedom. Khosa said the institutions like Nazria Pakistan Trust have great importance in the nations destiny. Particularly, he added, such institutions have become more important in the country having ideological basis. I believe Islam is the basis of success both here and the world after. We should not feel sorry by admitting this reality. You should believe that I am one amongst you and worker of the country like you, he assured the crowed, adding that his government would never compromise on the defence of the country. He congratulated Majid Nizami for arranging such a national moot and titled NPT Chairman as 'Proud to Pakistan (Fakhar-e-Pakistan). Later, talking to reporters, the Governor said Pakistan was a sovereign state and it was out of question that the government would absorb any kind of pressure on the matter of Raymond Davis. Responding to a question, Khosa said that the government had repeatedly said that Raymond Davis was under court trial and no foreign pressure would be accepted in this regard. He said that the Federal Cabinet was rearranged to comply with the 18th Constitutional Amendment, adding that more ministers would also be added in the cabinet. He said that Pakistan Peoples Party members were satisfied with the changes made in the cabinet but he could not say whether Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz too was satisfy with it or not. He added that Nawaz Sharif would be an appropriate person to give PML-Ns stance. Speaking on the occasion, Majid Nizami reiterated that Nazria Pakistan was the foundation of Pakistan, and the Hindus still have not accepted the same. He said for the completion of their bad plans, they (Hindus) occupied Kashmir, however, Our tribal brothers had recovered half of Kashmir from India. He said the Governor belonged to DG Khan and well aware about the water scarcity problems in southern Punjab. India wants to deprive us from water and the government should warn India about her aggression. He said the Muslims ruled the region being minority and the reason of that was the power of their faith. Like our forefather, we should also not surrender before the Indian aggression, he said. Majid Nizami urged the government to make clear upon India that good relation with her only linked with the settlement of Kashmir issue. He said he is also the fan of Peoples Party and have no doubt upon its patriotism. He told the people about his friendly relation with the founder of the party-Zulfqar Ali Bhutto-adding he was who titled the Asif Ali Zardari as Mard-e-Hur. Earlier, NPT Vice-chairman Prof Dr Rafique Ahmad delivered the welcome address and highlighted the purposes of the conference. He informed the participants about the activities of the trust. Majid Nizami presented the shield to Punjab Governor while the Governor presented shields to Begum Mehnaz Rafi, Mian Farooq Altaf, Col (r) Ikramullah, Rafaqat Riaz and Fozia Zia. An open session was held on the last day of the conference in which the participants across the country presented their views to how to promote the mission of NPT. The presidents of Nazria Pakistan Forums of various cities congratulated Majid Nizami and the management of the trust for arranging the 3rd annual conference. The recommendations of the group discussions, held on the first day of the conference, were being presented. The thoughtful proposals regarding teachers, women, media, ministries, natural resources, students, modern scientific and technical education etc were highlighted and all the participants unanimously recommended. The participants expressed their full confidence on the leadership of Majid Nizami and pledged to work with enthusiasm for the ideological training of the nation. Various resolutions were passed in which the government was urged to secure the national interest. The participants demanded the simplicity of the rulers, end in prevailing corruption and conquer the natural resources of the country for the betterment of the people. The government was urged to say no to do more and not provide land and air facilities to America for its so-called war against terror. The participants demanded of the independent foreign policy, boycott the Indian channels, release of Afia Siddiqui and capital punishment for Raymond Davis. Politicians, rulers were demanded to bring back their money from foreign accounts. Unity among the Ummah was urged. Secretary Trust thanked Punjab Chief Minister, Punjab Education Department, WAPDA, Police, District Administration, DGPR, City District Government, Punjab Horticulture Authority, Nazria Pakistan Trust, Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly, Iftikhar Malk, Azmat Shahzad for their supports.