LAHORE The top leaders of the PML-Q and the MQM, being former coalition partners, will hold a meeting on Sunday to ponder ways and means regarding providing political space to each other in the Punjab and Sindh. Sources in the parties, privy to the developments regarding increasing ties between the two former partners of power, told TheNation that it would be a follow-up meeting, as their senior leaders met in Karachi last month and agreed on a 'strategic alliance, as the MQM needs some support to make its foothold in Punjab. While the newly agreed pact between the two parties would help PML-Q to double its political base in Sindh, as it has already enjoys the support of some political bigwigs in Sindh. Sources in MQM told that their party hasnt forged any alliance and open its options after the general elections, however to grab some ground in Punjab they definitely needs the support of a political force, which believes in reciprocal measures and PML-Q was this political force at the moment. In return of PML-Q support in Punjab, MQM would accommodate them in their power bases in Sindh. Meanwhile, PML-Q sources told that they keeping in view the possibilities of local bodies polls in Sindh decided to go for a strategic alliance with MQM, while the MQM would be accommodated in Punjab where it needs the support of PML-Q. When contacted, Senator Kamil Ali Agha, central secretary information PML-Q confirmed some parts of this scribe and said that top leaders of PML-Q and MQM would meet at a lunch at the residence of Chaudharies. While, the top leaders of the two parties would discuss various issues relating to politics and they might linked to each others political position in Punjab and Sindh besides all issues and problems facing the country. Later, leaders of both the parties would visit Muslim League House, where a welcome ceremony would be held in the honour of visiting MQM leaders. He said that PML-Q delegation would be led by Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain, PML-Q chief, while senior central leader, Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi, Mushahid Hussain Syed, Raja Basharat, Chaudhary Zaheer-ud-Din and he would be among the other party leaders. Babar Ghauri, senior leader of MQM when reached, said that top leaders of PML-Q has invited them to lunch, which the MQM leaders accepted, while the meeting between the leaders of two political forces would be the follow up of Karachi meeting held last month. When asked about the agenda, he said that leaders of MQM and PML-Q would ponder upon all the issues and the things, which they discussed in Karachi meeting last month.