There has been a widespread damage to many of the schools as a result of the super floods which affected Pakistan during the months of July and August the last year. A large number of schools have been damaged; have lost basic equipment, learning materials and water and sanitation facilities which are needed for a safe learning environment. It is satisfying that the Punjab Government has entered into an agreement with the Plan Pakistan to rehabilitate and restore such affected schools in the flood-affected districts. This project is expected to focus on facilitating the return of 58,500 girls and boys, to 400 targeted primary schools in riverine areas of Rajanpur, Layyah and Muzaffargarh Districts in Punjab. I am hopeful that by ensuring a safe teaching and learning environment that engages local education authorities, parents, teachers and children themselves, the students will be supported in the return to normalcy, and their right to education will be fully upheld. It is planned in this project that interventions will be focused on access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in schools, accompanied by health and hygiene awareness sessions and materials to promote healthy behavior of both teachers and children. It is also necessary that teachers, parents and childrens involvement in the school planning processes should be fostered through school management and childrens committees should be capacitated to develop and monitor school development plans. It is heartening to know that the Punjab Government plans to facilitate students return to school and they will be supported with stationery and uniforms supplied directly or through grants to families. Cash for work will provide basic subsistence livelihood support to parents during this interim period, while encouraging community commitment and support in the repair and rehabilitation components, and childrens continued education. Educational activities will be strengthened by working with the people and advocacy towards government and communities, to encourage childrens return to schools, and ensuring teaching presence in the primary schools of the target districts. It is hoped that this project will ensure child protection by providing them better education facilities. QUDRAT ULLAH, Lahore, February 12.