LAHORE Former ISI head Gen (r) Hamid Gul has said the revolution in the Islamic world has eradicated capitalism and it will also provide solution to all crises facing the world. After Tunisia and Egypt change has become inevitable in Pakistan as well. While speaking at Waqt TV programme Barwaqt, Mr Gul said Pakistan should not grant any concession to Raymond Davis otherwise the masses would take to the streets. So the govt would have to take firm stand for upholding the rule of law, as the courts had nothing to do in Davis case, he said. Either in Camp David or somewhere else, Mr Gul said, an agreement had been inked wherein the American were acknowledged above the Pakistani law. He opined the US was fighting war against Pakistan in the garb of war against terrorism, and predicted a great revolution against it. The general said if India didnt realise the changing circumstance in the region, aman ki asha could turn into jang ki bahsha (war). The key to Kashmir solution was in Afghanistan, he said, adding a war had to be waged against an enemy like India for liberating the held valley. He said the present leadership in Pakistan had come into power with the support of Condoleeza Rice, and if the country refused to pay its debts the US could not harm nuclear Pakistan. America was also dependent on our country in its war in Afghanistan for the supply of logistics to the allied forces, he said. Egypt had also been tied to the US apron-strings but in front of the peoples power no one could stand, Mr Gul said. Replying to a question, the general emphasized the need of making differentiation between the Mujahid Talibans and the terrorists. The terrorism phenomenon was purposely brought into the country after the year of 2006, Mr Gul said. He said no operation would be in launched in the NW Agency, as COAS Gen Kiyani had made it clear to the US that any operation would be launched if required not otherwise. Talking about the office of foreign minister, he said Shah Mehmood Qureshi didnt act up the dictation of Henry Clinton hence he was not sworn into the office. He said India was heading towards a wrong direction and it would have to face difficulties after the withdrawal of Nato forces from Afghanistan. America was never serious in solving the Kashmir issue as she always supported India and never forced her for peaceful solution of the occupied valley. It was highly embarrassing that followers of Bhutto were branding the Kashmiri freedom fighter as terrorists, Mr Gul regretted. He said Musharraf was a strange kind of man and he (Gul) was ashamed of himself being Musharraf his disciple. The general revealed that in his last meeting with Benazir Bhutto in 1997, he had asked her to play a role for propagating Islam, which she declined. But few days before her assassination, she had left a message for him wherein she had acknowledged that she had come around to his point of view, Gul quoted her. Replying another question, Gul said he was not sure whether or not Musharraf would be punished in BBs murder case, but one thing was sure that he (Musharraf) would be held accountable for the murder of innocent daughters of Jamia Hafsa either in this world or the hereafter.