Lahore - The World Wide Fund for Nature - Pakistan (WWF - Pakistan) in collaboration with Allied Bank Raising Star is hosting the 11th Annual Travelling Nature Carnival on Sunday at Race Course Park from 8:30am to 6:00 pm. The Nature Carnival is an event aimed at enhancing awareness about nature conservation among students and the general public through interactive games and competitions. WWF - Pakistan and Allied Bank Raising Star will host an array of activities including an Art Competition, Quiz Competition, Essay Competition, Interactive 3D model making competition, Magic Shows, Environmental Puppet Shows, a Lucky Draw, live music and an environmental theatre. The carnival will also have interactive games, activities and food stalls. WWF - Pakistan has been working on environmental education for the past two decades and the travelling nature carnival is an integral part of its school outreach. This year, to increase the scale of the Nature Carnival, WWF - Pakistan collaborated with ALLIED BANK RAISING STAR to promote its School Environment Program. Over a 60 schools across Lahore are participating by constructing 3D models and giving live presentations at the venue. These project stalls will be installed on various themes such as; Animals and plants of wetlands, on campus plantation, effects of water and air pollution on health, fresh water conservation, Energy Conservation and reduction of our carbon footprint to battle climate change practically. Over thirty leading corporate companies have pledged their support for the environment by setting up promotional stalls at the nature carnival. World Wide Fund for Nature - Pakistan was formed in 1970 to address the growing environmental and conservation issues in Pakistan that not only affected the flora and fauna, but were also affecting the human population. WWF Pakistan is a non-profit organisation, working preserve, conserve and save our environment and natural resources. Today, WWF - Pakistan works through 31 offices with a team of approximately 340 dedicated staff members.