LONDON - Pakistan envoy to the UK Wajid Shamsul Hasan has called upon Pakistani youth to drive optimism from the strength of their country and the people. He was addressing the inaugural session of Pakistan Young Leaders Conference organised by National Union of Pakistani Students Alumni (NUPSA) at Oxford on Friday. The annual event brings together Pakistani students from across the UK and world for enhancement of leadership skills. President NUPSA Sara Aslam introduced the topic and the objectives of holding the conference. 'Referring to 100 million strong youth between ages 15-25 in Pakistan which constitute 60 per cent of Pakistans entire population and makes 45 per cent of the population the active work force, Wajid stated that the youth in itself was a reason for the optimism and progress of the country. He further stated that medias continuous focus on just the negative issues has created a sense of despair and demoralisation at the national level and abroad too. Wajid called upon the young students to know and grasp the richness and worth of their country and look for tremendous opportunities to exploit its full potential. He informed that Pakistans Thar Coal Mines alone have 8 trillion tonnes of coal reserves, the worth of which is more than twice the total value of Saudi Arabian oil reserves. It has 260 billion dollars proven and 3 trillion dollars estimated gold reserves at Reko Diq, a small town in Chagi District of Balochistan, he said. Besides, there are numerous deposits of copper and gems buried in the ground while bountiful marine treasure in the seas is awaiting exploitation, he added. Contesting misperceptions about investment environment of the country, the High Commissioner said:if one talks about security of investments and market potential then presence of over 100 British Companies among hundreds others, doing businesses profitably for decades, should serve as an example to be cited. He commended the talent and skill of the nation to succeed in fields of science and technology saying that 'today, we are a nuclear power. Thanks to Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and long range missile technology we owe to his daughter martyred Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. In the defence sector, the country has achieved sophisticated weapons technology, indigenously manufactured Agosta submarines, co-produces latest fighter jet JF-17 Thunder and a whole range of exportable defence equipment, he added.