KHANEWAL - BETHAK Pakistan in collaboration with URI celebrated the Interfaith Cultural Evening in the context of World Interfaith Harmony Week for promoting peace among the communities in Khanewal district.

More than 150 representatives from all walks of life and religion attended the function. BETHAK Programme coordinator Shahzad Francis explained that there were broad objective of this evening in existing situation of intolerance in the country.

After recitation of the Holy Quran and the Bible, candles were lit and prayers for peace were offered in silence by all the participants according to their faiths.

BETHAK Chairperson Samuel Barkat stressed upon promoting an atmosphere of peace with in each individual, family and the people living in their neighbourhood. Director Francis Jacob played on a different chord, saying that “peace and harmony cannot be promoted until we get out of the bonds of discrimination and non acceptance of people of other faiths.” Aamir Hussaini, a renowned columnist, highlighted the importance of diversity in religions, different cultures and ethnic groups and its role in promoting peace and harmony by accepting each person as a unique individual.  He further appreciated the services rendered by BETHAK in promoting peace and harmony among people of all faiths in Khanewal.

Shamsul Qamar Khan, Rao Naushad Ali, Rao Akram Khuram, Ayub Paracha and Parvez Paracha also addressed the audience while Faheem Zia, Ustad Hafiz Naqash, Ustad Marcus Bello, Ustad Yusnas, Saleem Kasher, Yaqoob Sohtra, Babar Lahori, Qayyum Yaqoob, Shahid Khan, Waqas Gill, Ustad Rohail, Parvez Masih, Farid Khan and others entertained the audience with their poetry and peace songs.  Awards and certificates were given to poets and singers. At the end, all the participants shared meals together as a token of acceptance for each other with any discrimination.