KARACHI - The Anti Violence and Crime Cell (AVCC) and the Citizen Police Liaison Committee arrested kidnappers involved in killing of a 12-year-old son of martyred DSP Nawaz Ranjha here on Sunday.

The AVCC and CPLC in conducted a joint raid and arrested three suspected abductors and recovered the body of the boy who had been kidnapped four day ago for ransom of Rs5 million.

Zaheem Nawaz had been kidnapped from Block-8 Gulistan-e-Juhar on February 8.

Zaheem was the son of DSP Nawaz Ranjha who, along with his driver, was gunned down on Aug 16 on MA Jinnah Road.

Police official said that the kidnapers had been identified as Ali Raza, Jaffar Raza and Tariq.

Culprits during the interrogation confessed to have killed Zaheem Nawaz on the day of his kidnapping. Officials said the body packed in a gunny bag was recovered from a plot in Malir Architect Society on Sunday when culprits pointed out the location.

The police said that culprits had painted the deceased’s house where they came to known that the boy’s mother has sold out a plot for Rs 5.5 million. So, they abducted the child outside from his house and took him to Malir area where they strangulated him to death and buried his body near their residence. They were frequently called the family for ransom.