It is unthinkable that the economy of Pakistan can be revived without revival of industry and agriculture. Growth of industry and agriculture has many direct and indirect effects on the welfare of the people. Increased industrial production will bring down prices of household goods. Increased exports will enhance foreign exchange earnings and assist in the balance of payments. Increased industrial activity will create jobs and alleviate poverty. A healthy industrial environment will attract investment, local and foreign. Will give a boost to the vendor industry. There will be a whole domino effect of benefits for the people. Pakistan is an agricultural country with agriculture being the backbone of the economy.  Agriculture can contribute 24 percent to GDP.  Increased agricultural production will bring down prices of food to counter a situation where 12 crore people out of the 18 crore are spending all their income on purchase of food.  Agriculture can absorb 40 percent of the total labour force and provide livelihood to 70 percent of the rural population. Agro based exports can earn 60 percent of the total revenues from exports.

Industry needs mega quantities of energy and agriculture needs mega quantities of water.  These mega quantities can be provided only by a mega dam. Pakistan can ill afford to wait 12 to 15 years for Bhasha dam and has no choice but to go for Kalabagh dam at the earliest.


Lahore, February 11.