NOORPUR THAL - Illegal parking lots along the Hashmi Road here are causing traffic problems.

Over 60 to 80 rickshaws are parked along the road in front of Kashmir Chowk and dozens of vans and buses are parked on the road in front of Bhatti Hotel crossing. These vehicles ply among Noorpur, Jamali, Rangpur, Dhamak and other areas of Thal. Citizens have urged the authorities concerned to take action against illegal parking lots.

PML-N ELECTIONEERING: PML-N Khushab Youth Wing Chief Organizer Malik Imran Bashir has urge the party workers to get prepared for the general elections, adding that the government had failed to deliver positively.

Addressing a meeting, the PML-N leader added that the party workers were the backbone of the PML-N. He said the a campaign had been started regarding electioneering. Others leaders of PML-N such as Muhammad Khalid, Advocate Aziz Hussain and Muhammad Amin were also present.