KARACHI - Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan pledged on Sunday to eradicate corruption from the country and initiate accountability from the highest level. He also vowed to declare education emergency in the country and turn the Presidency, Prime Minister’s House, Governors Houses and Chief Ministers’ Houses into educational institutions.

He said this while addressing the party convention of its Karachi division chapter and later at a seminar at a local hotel here. Seminar was organized by PTI Professionals’ Forum. PTI Central Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi and other leaders also addressed. Speaking on the occasion, Imran said that 180 million people of Pakistan were fed up with the opportunist political mafia and want to get rid of them.

INP ADDS: PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that after coming to power his party would make a strong and prosperous Pakistan that would not be subservient to any super power. Speaking at the inauguration of PTI office here Sunday, Imran said that when there was a competition between interests and ideology, the ideology was always the winner. He said PTI’s tsunami would wash away all the selfish elements.

Imran said that the PTI would make a new Pakistan which would not bow down before any power. He gave a message of hope to the unemployed youths, saying that there would be so much opportunities that even people from other countries would be attracted in Pakistan for jobs.

Comprehensive plan being implemented for development in Lyari: A comprehensive plan is being implemented for the development process in Karachi’s Lyari area.

This was announced in a statement of the Sindh Government’s Lyari Development Package (LDP) issued here on Sunday. It said that the Deputy Commissioner Karachi South and Project Director LDP, Mustafa Jamal Qazi, along with other officials visited the area to review the pace of the on-going development works.

He visited Peoples Play Ground, Grid Station Lyari, Ahmed Shah Bukhari Road, Chakiwara Pumping Station and inspected the work on reverse osmosis plants for converting saline water into potable. The statement was pointed out that President Asif Ali Zardari has directed that for overcoming the shortage of potable water in Lyari the project of reverse osmosis plants be completed on time and that the pace of development projects in the area be also speeded up.

It was pointed out that for the development in the area the Government of Sindh is working on the projects that include provision of water, roads, street lights as well as schools, parks and play grounds. These projects are being completed in consultation with the elected representatives and the people of the area.

Mustafa Jamal Qazi also visited the international stadium near the Lyari General Hospital and directed the engineering staff that any defects in the ground work be removed and it be completed with the required standard. 

Setting up of complaint centres in Hyderabad & Sukkur suggested: Consultant of Home Affairs, Sharafuddin Memon said that there was a need for setting up of separate complaint centres in Hyderabad and Sukkur on the pattern of one already established in Karachi.

A statement here on Sunday said that he presented the suggestion to this effect to the Sindh Home Minister Manzoor Wassan. It said that these centres should be equipped with computers, fax, email and toll free numbers with the deployment of the trained staff.

This would help prompt redressal of the complaints of the people besides the provision of timely justice. Meanwhile, Memon also presented the performance report of the existing complaint centre.

He pointed out that from September 24, 2010, up to February 1, 2012, a total of 4,708 complaints were received from Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur, of these 1,367 were against the police department.