It was downright unethical on an anchorperson Maya Khan’s part to meddle into people’s private life using her morning show. She along with her production team was recently seen snooping around at a public park in Karachi as if she was in charge of a “moral police”. She chased couples in that park and asked them certain ‘talibanized’ questions like whether they were married or not or whether their parents knew that they were there or not. In response to this highly unethical and unnecessary step, the management of that channel fired her and her team. That was a good step and would surely deter other anchorpersons from following in her footsteps and bringing a bad name to media.

We need to realise that there must be professional and sensible people in this field, especially since the job of an anchorperson is an onerous one; they generate public perception as well as public opinion. Anchorpersons are also representatives of a country and their role and performance can make as well as ruin the image of its state. I must also say that a section of our media, particularly the gutter press has been exaggerating the “non-issues” that ends up spoiling the image of the country. This trend towards sensationalism, needless hype and scandalous gossip needs to be controlled. The recruitment of anchorpersons should be solely done on the basis of knowledge, maturity and sensibility.

Komal Fatima,

Lahore, February 12.