HUDDLED together, this group of damp meerkats cozy up in a warm and fuzzy embrace.

The twelve furry friends bundle on top of each other after they were caught in a rain shower, protectively wrapping their paws around each other. Photographer Fajar Andriyanto captured the heart-warming scene at Taman Safari Zoo, in Java, Indonesia.

He said: “Meerkats are one of my favourite animals so I headed straight to their enclosure and was stunned to find so many clustered together. “At first they didn’t see me so I waved my hand, which was great because they all stared into the camera. “Normally they are found in the desert, so I imagine they are not used to the rain.”

The 44-year-old snapper added: “I often take pictures of meerkats, but I’ve never taken a photograph like this one and I was incredibly surprised by their behaviour.”

Earlier on Sunday, a group of macaque monkeys were also seen huddling together to keep the icy weather out. The pri-mates were snapped cuddling up against the chill at the Awajishima Monkey Center in Hyogo, Japan.                   –The Sun