LAHORE – Three day International Medical Conference organised by Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians concluded at a local hotel on Sunday. Over 6000 family physicians participated in the conference addressed by top medical experts from Pakistan and various other countries. President PAFP Dr Tariq Mahmood said that the conference has helped updating the knowledge of thousands of family physicians regarding diagnosis and prescription of most suitable medicine.

Prof Azam Bokhari said that getting rid of unwanted hair was not a problem after the proper use of laser.

Prof Haroon said that smoking was not causing cancer only. He said that smokers were under threat of getting a number of fatal diseases.

Prof Agha Shabbir said that deficiency of vitamin D could slow down growth of children.

Dr Yaqoob Qazi said that dengue virus could be controlled only by eliminating larvae. He said that excessive use of water and grape juice could prove dangerous for dengue patients.