Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz president Nawaz Sharif said on Monday that the money in Swiss bank accounts must be returned at all costs and criticised the allied parties for supporting government for not writing letter to the Swiss authorities.

Addressing a press conference along with chairman of the Sindh National Front Mumtaz Bhutto, Nawaz said the people of Pakistan wanted their money to be returned and this would be possible if a letter was written to the Swiss authorities.

"I fail to understand why the government is apprehensive about writing the letter," Nawaz said.

He further said that the government's actions were against the will of the people and instead of hiding behind the cover of immunity, the nation's money must be returned and the issue of immunity could be talked about later.

He said it was not understandable why the prime minister was being made scapegoat. He said martyrdom is a great sacrifice but the prime minister wants to become political martyr in corruption which would not be recognised by the nation.

Nawaz Sharif said the prime minister will have to decide whether he was with corruption and plunder mafia or with the constitution and the people. He said the appearance of the prime minister in contempt of court case and not implementing court orders have made the country and the people a joke in the international community. He said he fails to understand why the government was adamant in not writing letter to the Swiss authorities.

The PML-N president said the allies of the government must also think about their unprincipled backing to the government. He said the PML-N would not allow the government to dictate its terms.

In reply to a question, Nawaz said that they would not hesitate to resign from the assemblies for the sake of constitution and institutions. He said when need arose, they would not delay for a second and resign from the parliament but would not do so without a purpose.

On the occasion, Mumtaz Bhutto said the government has taken the country to the brink of destruction and life has become miserable for the poor and they have been forced to commit suicides. He said change has become a dire necessity to take the country out of crises and they would join PML-N for removing the government and resolve people's problems.

Mumtaz Bhutto said that free and transparent elections were impossible in presence of the present government.