MUZAFFARGARH - Naheed Khan, former political secretary of slain PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto, claimed that the present party leadership had deviated from the vision and mission of the party’s founding chairman shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto shaheed Benazir Bhutto.

The democratic identity of the PPP has been tarnished and the party has been taken away from its set course and mission.

Naheed Khan expressed the views while addressing to the journalists here at Muzaffargarh Press Club on Sunday. Senator Safdar Abbasi also spoke on the occasion. The PPP stalwart pointed out that the party had lost its identity and fame, adding that loyal and sincere workers of PPP would spare no effort for the protection of the ideological and democratic base of the party.

“The PPP is come into being for existence due to its sincere and diehard workers,” she argued and added the anti-PPP elements in the party ranks would have to pay the price for their political mistakes. She said that after Benazir Bhutto, there had been a widening gulf between the party leadership and its rank and file. Both the PPP diehard leaders claimed that all the evidence pertaining to the murder of Benazir Bhutto had been destroyed. They cited that according to the inquiry commission of UN, the investigation had never been led towards the right direction.

The PPP present leadership would have to pay the price in the coming elections because the investigation into the murder of Benazir shaheed will be the main issue in the next election,” they expressed. The PPP leaders argued that the party leadership claimed that they had investigated the murderers of Benazir shaheed yet they had taken any action against them.

About Seraiki province, Naheed Khan said that Seraiki province was the long-standing popular demand of the people of the region which should be formulated according to the constitution. “But the opportunity for the creating Seraiki province was wasted at the time of 18th Amendment,” she pointed out and added that corruption charges against the family of Prime Minister was the bad omen for the party.

“The PM should consider the issue,” she suggested. Naheed Khan said that many matters including the NRO issue were handled ineptly. The Supreme Court has given a proper time for the constitutional protection of NRO but the government has made a mistake by not defending NRO according to court procedure,” she elaborated and added that this was inefficiency of the governmnet’s legal wizards due to which the PM and President had to face many problems.