LAHORE – Senior ANP leader Lala Afzal has said that Pakistan has to first decide if the Taliban are friend or foe.

In an interview with Nawa-i-Waqt on Sunday, Lala Afzal elaborated on the relationship that Pakistan has with the Taliban, saying that they had been introduced by General (r) Naseerullah Babar with the support of American government so they could get an opening in Central Asia.

Lala Afzal, who was decorated with gallantry award of Hilal-i- Imtiaz, claimed that Army has worked hard to bring order to Swat region but the Taliban are holding large quantities of unaccounted ammunition making them a ticking bomb for Pakistan.

He said “The US has come up with a different strategy towards this region, as they have an upcoming election. A new world order is being established across the Muslim world from Libya to Egypt to Tunisia, and now Syria.”

He elucidated that terrorism is a global issue. He said if three major stakeholders in Asia, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, use astuteness they would be able to resolve all issues, including Kashmir; if this was not resolved there can be no peace in the region. “War is no solution; problems should be resolved through mutual consensus.”

To a question on the ongoing battle between the judiciary and the government, he said it is better if these issues were resolved without intervention of the third force, a reference to the army.

On the question of new provinces, he said this was the decision of the people as the government has nothing to gain from it. He lauded the independent judiciary but said there were certain reservations regarding the judiciary that should also be addressed.

He said that he had left the party in the past because it had formed an election alliance with Muslim League-Nawaz.