LAHORE – Celebrated Urdu poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz was remembered by his followers and fans on his centennial birth anniversary on Sunday.

Like the pervious year, Faiz Foundation organised ‘Faiz Amn Mela’ at Open Air Theatre, Jinnah Garden to pay tribute to the veteran poet wherein a large number of people including women and children attended the event with zeal. On the occasion, a good number of writers, journalists, intellectuals and other people from the various walks of life have gathered. A large number of the activist of left wing parties like Labour Party of Pakistan and Communist Mazdoor Kisan Party were gathered at the event by waving red flags and chanting slogan for the rights of the working classes.

The main feature of the event was Mehfil-e-Mushaira wherein the different poets including Kahlid Abbas Yasir, Ihzaz Ahmad Azar, Tanveer Zahoor, Baba Najmi, Shafiq Ahmad Shafiq, Arif Prohna, Sahir Rang Puri and others presented their verses and the writers and intellectuals shed light on the vision and the message given by Faiz Ahmad Faiz. They also shared their views on the political struggle of Faiz Ahmed Faiz that how he always played a role against the exploiting powers and how he was barred from the struggles.