US - Congress Committee on foreign affairs holding a briefing on Balochistan has, in fact, set priorities for American game against Pakistan. The hearing was attended by anti-Pakistan elements and their supporters. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s reaction to Committee’s hearing was not worth praising. Now its high time for us to break with USA. Pakistan is a victim of US friendship as it has suffered much at the hands of USA. From the very beginning, Pakistan developed strategic relations with America against Communist Block and became member of Seato and Cento but America continued with supporting India against Pakistan’s interest. US economic and military aid to Pakistan was suspended in June 1965 that eventually led India to invade Pakistan. Later USA suspended its aid to Pakistan in 1970 and therefore, indirectly strengthened Indian and Soviet hands to disintegrate Pakistan.

After Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, Washington rushed towards Pakistan to seek support against Soviet Union. But as the Soviet Union signed the Geneva Accord on April 14, 1988 aimed at withdrawl of Soviet forces from Afghanistan, America turned its back towards Pakistan and left Pakistan alone to face the mess. USA, again in October 1990, suspended military and economic aid to Pakistan. More than this America launched a propaganda campaign against nuclear programme of Pakistan and put Pakistan’s name in the watch list to declare it as a terrorist state.

America invaded Afghanistan in a bid to disintegrate Afghanistan and finally strike nuclear Pakistan. We became ally of USA in the war on terror but USA joined hands with India to contain Pakistan. It refused to use its good offices to settle the Kashmir issue. Instead it forced upon Pakistan to settle matters with India putting aside Kashmir issue. Pakistan has a key role in settlement of Afghan equation but  America assigned India a ‘leadership’ role in the region. Pakistan foiled America’s great game in the region and refused to become a party against China as well. The US finally losing the military battle in Afghanistan has announced withdrawal plan of its forces from Afghanistan as Soviets did. On the other hand it has conspired to establish its military bases in Afghanistan even after the withdrawal of its forces. Afghan history reveals that American military bases in Afghanistan are not possible.

America is continuing with its covert plan to destabilize Pakistan and backing militants conduct terrorist attacks in Pakistan. The wounded snake breaching sovereignty of Pakistan staged Abbottabad drama and then backed Mehran Base attack. Finally American forces deliberately attacked Salalah check posts killing 24 soldiers of Pakistan on November 26, 2011. Subsequently, Islamabad banned Nato supply into Afghanistan. Since the US failed to find the way out has now started an open war against Pakistan. US, India and Israel are fuelling insurgency in Balochistan. It is against Gwader port because it provides access to China and it keeps check on America.

Now it’s the test of our political leadership to put off the burning fire and foil American game. The Aaghaz-e-Haqook-e-Balochistan package needs to be implemented in its true spirit. We must give Baloch people their due respect and proper share in decision making. More important is that Pakistan must take stern action to eliminate foreign hand. The killing and abductions of Baloch people should stop and criminals must be brought to justice to win support of the common man in the province.


Multan, February 12.