Yasir Ahmed Khan -

‘Well! It starts with the bullet of death and ends with the scream and mourning for the dead”. This is the statement which came as a result of my question to one of my Kashmiri friend when I inquired him that how was his life going on his side? The every drop of the falling blood and the tear on the ground, the young and the old and the children and their bodies sleeping the sleep of the death curses everyday, every hour, every minute and every second, the mankind, and asking that how wild has the human become?

I wonder why I write by the ink of black. I wish this could have been written by me with the mixture of the tears and the blood of Kashmiris so that the world may know that how much pain they suffer each day of their lives. I wonder why these words now has become so silent and don’t scream like the sufferings of the Kashmir when the brutal soldiers rape the female, kill the young ones and leave the families constrained.

Mankind has also seen the day of the September 11th, the falling of the world trade center in the United States of America. Around 2000 innocent people died due to the incident but the consequences were really harsh. Millions of Afghanis, millions of Iraqis were killed in the name of so called war against the terrorism whereas the majority of them were innocent and did not have to do anything with the terrorism and still the story of the killing goes on but when I focuses my sight at the Kashmir, I perceive that may be mankind has not categorized the Kashmiris as a human because since 1948, millions of people were killed and many of the female’s respect shattered by brutal army personnel. But still none of the human right authorities takes actions against the terrorism happening in the Kashmir, the place which is labelled by the mankind the heaven on earth but has colored all the walls of that place into red.

I wonder when the world would understand the definition of the terrorism and do a fair play with the Kashmiris. I wonder when the world would understand that the solidarity means to stand for someone’s rights and to defend the innocents. Still I hear their children singing the song of freedom. They say “O my beloved homeland, we will definitely enter your heaven one day and will release you from the tyranny and oppression”.