LAHORE – The PTI, which has failed to clear doubts of many party men on voter lists, would elect party organisations of tehsils and districts in Punjab in the second phase of intra-party polls on February 26 with the Electoral College that was elected under the controversial voter lists.

The PTI’s electoral college is based on organisations of the Union Councils (UCs), which are elected through a process of direct vote and the UCs would elect the office bearers of tehsils and districts of Punjab simultaneously on February 26.

However, the PTI election commission could not reply to the objections of many candidates regarding the voter lists under which the UCs party polls were held, which formed the electoral college of the party.

Sources in the PTI election commission while confirming told this correspondent on Tuesday that it was highly impossible to rectify the huge voter lists in a little time and they took all humanly possible efforts to clear the doubts of the party men over this serious issue.

They said, “Yes, it is true that electoral lists used to elect the Union Council organisations, which forms the electoral college to elect the leaderships of the following party tiers are not completely flawless”.

They added that the top party leadership knows about this painful fact in advance, however keeping in view the strong criticism against PTI for delaying party polls despite giving several dates, the party election commission has decided with the consent of party’s policy makers to launch the party polls in Punjab under the voter lists which were not acceptable to many of the candidates. 

The sources claimed that some of the party leaders and their groups made mutual adjustments in UCs of their choice for even numbers, however serious clashes were reported from the areas in which various groups failed to reach an agreement for adjustments.

When asked would the PTI electoral college accepted by the majority as legitimate or credible, they said, “Certainly not but what other choice do they have. We believe that the party organizations to be elected by this electoral college will not be 100 percent legitimate”.

Shadab Jafferi, PTI Punjab election commission, when contacted claimed “we made every possible effort for a transparent first phase of intra-party polls in all the UCs of Punjab.”

He further maintained that we have made every possible effort to clear these objections and we succeeded in the task.