KARACHI - Books open windows to new ideas, new worlds and doors to adventures but busy life style of modern age has resulted in considerable decline of book reading habit.

Karachi University (KU) Vice Chancellor Dr Mohammad Qaisar expressed these views at the inauguration of a three-day long book fair organized by the Study Aid Project (SAP) here on Tuesday. He said that the habit of book reading provided the basis of visionary and knowledge based society and it was time to revive this habit in the society.

The VC further added that the KU was the only institution which arranged such informative events like book fair for their students.

Nowadays, he said, when people were on the verge of abandoning the habit of reading books, the students of KU were organizing events that help in developing interest of reading books among young generation.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof ND Khan said that books were the great source of an individual’s inner enlightenment and they help in understanding the true meanings of human existence.

Nihal Hashmi appreciated the efforts of the KU students and said that it was very fortunate that our young generation was interested in motivating their fellows to read more and this would bring positive changes in our minds and in our attitudes as well.

The book fair consists of more than 50 stalls with around 3lacs books on various subjects of Science, Arts and Commerce. Almost 40 per cent discount is offered on the books to make it affordable for students.