NEW YORK - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged President Bashar Assad to accept an offer by the head of the opposition coalition for talks to resolve the two-year old crisis. “We need to find a way towards negotiations between empowered government and opposition,” he said of the conflict between the Assad government and its opposition.The peace talks offer by Syrian National Coalition leader Moaz al-Khatib was “an opportunity we should not miss - a chance to switch from a devastating military logic to a promising political approach,” Ban said in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations, a major think-tank. “This was a courageous offer by Mr. al-Khatib. I urge both the Syrian government and the Security Council to respond positively,” Ban added. “It is time for a clean break from Syria’s past, and for a decisive turn toward a future where Syrians are able to express their political views freely, without fear of arbitrary arrest or killing - a Syria where the human rights of all are protected.