A latest UN survey unveils the heinous face of the Afghan government by stating the fact that the use of torture has risen in Afghan police jails during 2012. Just over half of prisoners held in connection with Afghanistan‘s long-running war endured torture or ill-treatment while in custody between October 2011 and October 2012, with 14 different methods recorded, including electric shocks, twisting of genitals, beatings with cables and rifle butts and suspension from the wrists or feet. However, these crimes against humanity are not worthy of attention from the US as their track record in this respect has not been transparent either.

The government of Afghanistan announced that from 2008 onwards, the US Army has imprisoned more than 200 children in Bagram Jail, a fact that US defends claiming they need to place these kids behind bars to stop them from being involved in activities against them. Also, in May 2009, Colonel Gregory Julian a spokesman for General McKiernan, the overall commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, confirmed that Western military forces in Afghanistan use white phosphorus to illuminate targets or as an incendiary to destroy bunkers and enemy equipment. US forces also used white phosphorus to screen a retreat in the Battle of Ganjgal when regular smoke munitions were not available. The plight of a common Afghan has remained the same under the Western democracy if not worsened after 11 years of war. Apparently the only fruits of democracy have been that the current oppressors of the people are the ‘humane’ West and their friendly regime not the ‘barbaric’ Taliban and in the end, it was all that mattered!


Lahore, February 7.