As society has been growing and developing, the need for a better and intelligent workforce or rather human capital has been growing over time. As we all know, human capital is the essence of a nation or any group of people. It counts a lot, all the more so because of the so-called corporate culture that has evolved. But with its growth, it has been taken on a rather complex shape that creates problems when it comes to human inter-action. The thing to tackle this problem is the emotional intelligence that comes into play, although people hardly feel it – in our day-to-day affairs, in our offices particularly. The problem is that this factor has been ignored by the society at large and with consequences for the workforce. As we all know, emotions are very part of a human but they are now part and parcel of the organizations as well, since it is the individuals who make up the workforce. It has been experienced that this factor of enhanced intelligence contributes to the development of nations invariably as West has shown us in true sense of the word. In less developed parts of the world, this factor should be made a basic building block of human capital. This can work wonders.

Amir Yasin, Fahad Javed,

Tahir Mehmood,

Lahore, February 11.