RAHIM YAR KHAN - A 9th class student abducted and sodomised a, eight-year-old boy here the other day.

According to details, Waseem Ashraf, 9th class student, a resident of suburban Chak 56/P, abducted 8-year-old Shakeel Ahmed from outside his house. He took him to nearby fields where he sodomised him. Shabeer Ahmed, father of the affected boy told the media that locals and passers-by rushed the fields following alarms raised by his son while Waseem fled the scene. They boy was shifted to Sheikh Zayed Hospital and the police were informed about the incident.

According doctors, condition of the victim is stable now. The doctors also confirmed that the boy had been sodomised.

Meanwhile, Abay Hayat Police SHO Nazir Ahmed told The Nation that the police had registered FIR under Section 377 PPC and were await MLC for further proceedings.