The historic Pak-Iran gas pipeline project worth 1.5 billion US now seems to be a reality as federal water and power ministry has finalised the feasibility study and handed over its design to an Iranian company putting aside all external pressures. The Iranian company, Tabdir Energy Development Group would undertake work to build the Pakistani section of the pipeline under an engineering, construction and procurement (ECP) contract. Tadbir Energy Group would start laying 781 kilometers of pipeline inside Pakistan. Tehran would finance this mega project besides providing a 250 million dollar loan in addition to providing the supplies and equipment necessary for the construction of the part of the pipeline on Pakistani soil. The commissioning of the project would enable the supply of 21.5 million cubic meters (mcm) of Iran’s natural gas to Pakistan on a daily basis. Iran has already built more than 900 kilometers of the pipeline on its soil. India which was part of the initial contract had pulled out under pressure from the US. The US leadership exerted all pressure on Pakistan as well as seeking cancellation of the contract with Iran and instead proposing TAPI option that would take more than a decade before Pakistan could start getting the supply. Credit is due to President Asif Zardari for staying firm in the greater national interest. Once commissioned, the IP project would rid Pakistan of energy crisis that has crippled its economic growth.