MANDI BAHAUDDIN - PML-N leader Siddiq-al-Rarooq said as long as the judiciary works independently and decides cases on merits, no one can succeed in delaying general elections.

Addressing a press conference held at the Press Club, he said some people from a foreign country were trying to delay the elections on some flimsy grounds but the PML N would not allow them to succeed. He said the PPP-led coalition government had given nothing to the masses except loadshedding, price hike, corruption, insecurity, miseries and poor governance. He claimed that the people were now looking at his party leadership as their saviour.

Referring to the “achievements” of the Punjab government, he said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had taken revolutionary steps to promote education, provide shelter to the deserving families by constructing houses under Ashiyana Housing Scheme. He said completion of Metro Bus Project in a short time was not less than an achievement.

The project, he added, was planned by the previous provincial government but completed by the present government within a short time.

He said the project would go a long way to provide conveyance facilities to thousands of people daily. He said the PML-N believed in bringing honest, competent and sincere leaders so that they after going to assemblies may formulate and execute people-friendly policies.

Earlier, Press Club President Khan Zaheer, Secretary Yonus Shahid along with other club members accorded a warm welcome to the PML-N leader on his arrival at the Press Club.