ISLAMABAD - Troublesome times await Pakistan Muslim League Quaid as several party heavyweights including Riaz Fatyana are set to part ways with their party over irreconcilable differences, which is likely to leave PML-Q as a party that would not have more than a handful of noted politicians.

Asim Nazir, Sumaira Malik, Anwar Ali Cheema and Faisal Saleh Hayat are among those not likely to contest elections from the platform of PML-Q that rejects the statement of Senator Kamil Ali Agha that all National Assembly members of the party were intact with it and were on the same page with its leadership.

Reliable sources in the party told this scribe that as per their calculation only a handful of the MNAs, not more than a dozen or so, would stay with the party and they are the people who were not in a position to get some suitable berth in any other party or the mainstream parties are not ready to accept them in their fold.

Background interviews and interaction with some 20 PML-Q members revealed that all of them and their other party colleagues were searching for new abode in the mainstream political parties with special focus on Pakistan Muslim League-N for being ideologically closer.

The sources in the party said that most of the existing members were not taking any interest in the meetings between PML-Q and PPP on seat adjustment. The sources said that these meetings were initiated by party Chief Ch. Shujaat Hussain, who has made it a family affair, as quite a few MPs were taken on board about the developments taking place on this front. While on the other hand those planning to switch sides are also least bothered about the progress on seat adjustment with PPP.

Not a single heavyweight in the party has taken interest in these meetings nor they participated in it. The sources said that Asim Nazir and some other party leaders from Faisalabad region were seriously thinking about making their own group, ostensibly to have better bargain with PML-N, and in case of failure to get absorbed in the N-League they would prefer to land in the electoral arena as independent entity instead of having a Q-League tag.

Most of the Q-League MNAs when approached confirmed that they were not happy with the Q-leadership but said that they could not confess it on the record, as this was a crucial time for them and before making arrangements with any other party they did not want to become controversial. Whereas Riaz Fatyana confirmed about his clashes and grievances with the party but said that he had friends in all the parties and would soon decide about his future. He also said that he did not owe any favour to Chaudhry Brothers as he had his personal political worth in his constituency.