KARACHI - The MPAs from the ruling PPP and opposition parties in Sind Assembly on Tuesday criticised the Health Department for its failure in vaccination of measles which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of children in the province.

During discussion on resolution and adjournment motion in Sindh Assembly, Nusrat Seher Abbasi of PML-F, Culture Minister Sassui Palijo, Humera Alwani and Bachal Shah of PPP criticised the role of health department in controlling the outbreak of measles in Sindh.

Nusrat Seher Abbasi who had moved the adjournment motion said that in every district 8 to 10 children were losing their lives because negligence on the part of health department, which had not made any effort to cope with the situation.

Criticising the Sindh government, she said that thousands of children had been suffering from the diseases but neither vaccination had been started nor compensation had been given to those who lost their loved ones.

She added that the health department claims that everything is fine but Advisor to CM on Relief Haleem Adil Shaikh has exposed what is cooking behind the scene and how the health department is negligent to perform its duty.

Sind Culture Minister Sassui Palijo while seconding the views of Abbasi and said had the health department taken proper efforts, the government would have controlled the loss of lives.

Replying to the issues and criticism raised by the MPAs, Minister for Health Department Dr Sagheer Ahmed said that health department had nothing to do with vaccination process as Peoples Primary Health Initiates (PPHI) was looking after it. He said that following the outbreak of measles chief minister had ordered to put the PPHI under health department control.

Health Minister further said that that officials in PPHI had not appointed on merit who were not cooperating them.

He said that some officials on account of negligence have been removed in vaccination of children of measles.

He further said that malnutrition is the major reason for outbreak of the measles which is highly communicable disease.

Health minister said that around 8 districts of upper Sindh have been affected by the disease where 219 of children have been reported so far, adding that 166 deaths of children reported of measles.

The health minister said his department had started mobilisation campaign by vaccinating the children but efforts were still needed to overcome the situation. Earlier, lawmakers came down hard on health department over its failure in controlling and vaccination of children.

CONDEMNATION: Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah has strongly condemned the explosion at a gas station in Qayoomabad area here on Monday evening.

According to a statement, the chief minister called for a report from Additional Inspector General of Police about the incident.

He also directed the police, Rangers and other Law Enforcement Agencies to take strict measures to counter the activities of terrorists and provide security to life and properties of the citizens.