Carrying stuff of Nato forces deployed in Afghanistan, 26 containers entered Pakistan via Chaman border on Tuesday. Deputy Superintendent of Chaman Custom, Muhammad Naheem Tariq told the media that first fleet of containers carrying luggage of Nato forces came from Afghan via Chaman and would go to Karachi port.

He said that the sealed containers were thoroughly scanned, adding that 23 more containers were standing in Vesh Mandi an area of Afghan, waiting for clearance.

Tariq, in-charge of Nato containers convoy on Chaman–Karachi route, said that the convoy comprising 26 containers and 13 vehicles and was on way to Karachi after getting clearance at the Chaman border. “Some 700 containers in Afghanistan are waiting for clearance to move in,” he added.

The official said that he was not aware of the stuff being transported in containers.