PESHAWAR - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) district Peshawar leaders have alleged the incumbent rulers were looting the national wealth by both hands, as rampant corruption and nepotism in all government departments have weakened national institutions.

Addressing a news conference on Tuesday here at press club, PTI newly elected district president in Peshawar, Yasin Khalil said that the flawed-policies of the federal and KPK government resulted in inflation, joblessness, energy crisis and worst law and order situation in the country. “Doctors, aid workers, journalists and even a common man have no security. Target and sectarian killings have exposed the poor performance of law enforcement agencies,” he added. He further said that rampant corruption has put the national institutions on the verge of collapse.  Flanked by Party district general secretary, Younis Zahir, he said after successfully conducting intra-party election, party district cabinet in Peshawar was also established. He also extended gratitude to party workers and activists for their supports and trustworthiness on newly elected cabinet in district Peshawar.

Khalil also claimed that PTI was the only political party, promoted highly democratic culture and holding intra-party elections from union council level to district and provincial level. He lashed out at ANP-led government for failing to devise a strategy to curb terrorism and militancy. Khalil said that PTI intra-party elections at regional and provincial level would be completed within two weeks, and vowed to pull the countrymen out of such prevailing crises if voted to rule.