The frequent ups and downs of the relations between India and Pakistan prove the fact that politics is not only a dirty game but also frustrating. On one hand the two countries are planning to launch an ‘Aman Ki Asha’ campaign with Pakistan going as far as awarding India the title of ‘Most Favorite Nation,’ while India’s Shiv Sena has not changed its hostile attitude towards Pakistan. It is a matter of great concern that the Indian leaders have made no efforts to defuse the elements of hatred and hostility which prevails in the hearts of Bal Thakrey’s descendents.

The disgraceful treatment given to Pakistan’s Women Cricket Team participating in the Women’s World Cup being held in India will go into the history of cricket with shame for its lack of hospitality and control over its regional political leaders. Bombay was fixed as the venue for World Cup. Having come to know that Pakistan was also one of the participants, the local leaders refused to host the event with the warning that the ‘Pakistan team will not play in Bombay’. The Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) was compelled to shift the matches to Cuttack a city in the state of Odisha. The most shameful thing was that the Pakistan women’s cricket team reached there, under immense pressure and threats from the hooligans, all the hotels in the city refused to provide them accommodation; while all other participating teams were staying in 5-Star hotels they were given accommodation in the stadium. In the wake of violent protests by radical outfits the local cricket association was forced to arrange accommodation for the Pakistan team inside the stadium. They claimed that the decision was taken to ensure safety for the visitors who will remain confined to the stadium till the tournament ends on February 17. Never before in international cricket has a team been made to stay in the solitude of a stadium and deprived of interaction with members of other teams. The pressure and adverse effects of a prison like atmosphere on the morale and performance of the team are evident from the fact that having lost the first three matches our team is out of the tournament.


Lahore, February 6.