ISLAMABAD - Eminent lawyer and constitutional expert SM Zafar is set to launch his autobiography this week that contains some ‘startling disclosures’ on Pakistani politics - its internal dynamics and external factors evolving Pak-US relations.

Titled “Senator SM Zafar Ki Kahani Unki Zabani” (Story of Senator SM Zafar according to him) would be released in Urdu language by this weekend. Published by Saghar Publishers, the book comprises of over 400 pages.

“I have responded to some never-been-answered queries in my book. These questions concern Pakistan’s politics, its rulers particularly General Musharraf and the Pak-US relations,” SM Zafar told this correspondent.

Refusing to share the details on the forthcoming disclosures, he said that all the details were included in the book. “Everything has been disclosed in the book and it would be known to the world once my book is launched. These startling disclosures would stir ripples,” the law expert said adding that the launching ceremony would be held in Islamabad in the coming three days.

Three crucially asked questions, SM Zafar said, answered in the autobiography are: “Why did General Musharraf not take off his uniform when he was in power?” “How the United States’ establishment eased him (Musharraf) out of Pakistani politics?” “Why did Mr Zafar (author) fail in bringing two Muslim Leagues together when he went to Raiwand to meet Nawaz Sharif?”

Of these three questions, the first one refers to the tenure of General Pervez Musharraf as Pakistan’s Chief Executive and subsequently the President while staying as the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) for over eight years, which is a serious violation of the constitution.

The second query concerns the widely believed phenomenon in Pakistan that the US was instrumental in Musharraf’s ouster from the power. The last question refers to the efforts launched by several politicians of reunification of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and PML-Quaid-e-Azam. These efforts failed to yield results owing to several reasons including the serious differences between the Sharifs and Chaudhrys.

“I have often been asked these questions that I could never publicly or openly answer them. It’s time to spill the beans. It’s time to tell the nation the truth as to what really happened. The Pakistani have every right to know that. My disclosures would be sensational and eye-opening,” the former senator said.

To a query, the noted lawyer said that he would consider publishing an English translation of ‘Senator SM Zafar Ki Kahani Unki Zabani’ considering its response. “This is a lengthy book and its translation requires a lot of time but if this book meets my expectations and receives popularity, I’ll certainly go for translation in an English version,” Zafar said.