ISLAMABAD - Nadra here on Tuesday gave a comprehensive presentation to all telecom operators operating in the country on the biometric verification system, developed by the Authority, for the issuance of SIMs and addressed technical issues raised by telecom companies.

NADRA spokesperson said that the Authority had has proposed a comprehensive solution of biometric based verification of CNICs (computerized national identity cards) for issuance of SIMs. In this regard, NADRA conducted a live demonstration of biometric verification of computerized national identity card for issuance of SIMs at NADRA Headquarters.

She said the representatives of the telecom companies and PTA took part in the verification of their biometric impressions through the proposed solution. The proposed solution conforms to the requirements of PTA directives in vogue. NADRA has also floated the draft agreement among the telecom companies, for the solution.

“NADRA being the sole custodian of biometrics of over 96 percent total population of the country, has offered the biometric solution in the wake of Interior Ministry’s grave security concerns over the use of cellular devices in terrorist plots,” the spokesperson said.  It should be noted that on December 1, 2012, the Prime Minister, after taking notice of insecure sales mechanism for issuance of SIMs, directed all telecom companies to employ biometric verification for SIMs issuance within two months’ time.

 “The solution may very well be the only answer for resolving the resulting logjam as no alternate resolve has yet been tossed by any other national institute and if implied in letter and spirit, would surely add value to the national security fortitude,” she added.