IF you get a delivery from a very small vehicle in the morning don’t freak out and think you’ve become a giant overnight - it’s actually the world’s tiniest milk float.

The mini vehicle measures in at a compact 133cm tall and 88cm wide and was built to publicise Ella’s Kitchen’s new dairy range. It took the manufacturers three months to make and has a 22.5cm steering wheel and 45cm windscreen.

Company founder Paul Lindley admitted it wasn’t easy getting the miniature float assembled. ‘It was tricky to make the smallest milk float in the world and it was a real test for the designers, but we felt it was the best way to capture exactly how our new range is perfectly sized for little ones, but still contains big tastes for tiny taste buds,’ he said. The tiny milk van, which is 60 per cent smaller than the normal version, has been trudging along delivering yogurts to babies and toddlers.

Paul Lindley added: ‘We created the first - and the world’s smallest - tiny milk float, to celebrate the big tastes of our new dairylicious yoghurt, fromage frais and rice pudding - as you can see I can barely fit inside it!’                              –Metro